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GENERAL RULES gsmalliance: is using INFRACTION Method as a system to implement orderliness and to maintain standards as to how members will behave and deal with among forum members. Please take note that infraction is not a form of punishment but rather a corrective measure to guide members for proper foruming. Each infraction is equivalent to 1 point and increments the number each time members were given infraction when they misbehave or violate forum rules. Each infraction expires in six (6) months but if your infraction points totaled 10 points in six months time, member will be banned for one (1) month. RULE NO. 1. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE INFO. Fill up the necessary information in your user profile including your REAL NAME AND LOCATION. 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POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION. Start a thread on the right section and with the right content. Post your thread ONCE. Avoid multiple posting of thread. Infraction Point(s): Warning Moving the thread to the right section. 4. DO NOT USE NEON COLOR FONTS IN POSTING. Infraction Point(s): 1 Editing of Post 5. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE EMOTICONS OR SMILIES IN POSTING. Infraction Point(s): 1 Editing of Post 6. RESPECT EACH MEMBER ESPECIALLY FORUM LEADERS AND THE FORUM ITSELF. Respect each member and their opinions as well. As a saying goes, “Respect begets respect.” If you respect others, you will also be respected. Avoid flaming, trolling, and posting insulting words that might result to quarrel among members. Do not create threads or reply post that might incite arguments and misunderstanding. Infraction Point: Depends on the gravity of offense and the offended party. Members - 3 points GSMPares - 1 Month Ban Moderators - 1 Month Ban Super Moderators - 3 Months Ban Admin/Site Owner - Delete User Account 7. MAKE AN APPROPRIATE THREAD TITLE. When starting a thread, please think of a title that will best fit or that will best describe the content or queries of your thread. Do not use rude, impertinent, impolite, vulgar words. Also avoid using unnecessary punctuations like series of Question Marks, Exclamation Points, Special Characters and the likes. Infraction Point(s): 1st Offense - 1st Warning 2nd Offense - 2nd Warning 3rd Offense - Minor Infraction Editing Thread Title 8. POLITICS, RACIST, ETHNICS AND RELIGIOUS TOPICS ARE PROHIBITED. These topics are prohibited because it only creates arguments among members since we always have differences in opinions and these topics are sensitive to some members. Infraction Point(s): 1 Outright Deletion of Thread/Post 9. NO TO NUDITY /OBSCENITY AND GORY IMAGES. This forum discouraged members to post nude pictures and videos and gory images. Infraction Point(s): 1 Outright Deletion of Thread/Post 10. LINKS WITH PASSWORD AND REDIRECT LINKS ARE PROHIBITED. Members are advise not to post links with password and later on ask other members to PM them for password. This is a public forum and everything you intend to share must be free of all conditions otherwise do not share at all. This rule also applies to those SIGNATURES and POSTS with REDIRECT LINKS TO OTHER LOCAL FORUMS. Infraction Point(s): 1 Outright Deletion of Thread/Post 11. SPAM ADVERTISEMENT IS PROHIBITED. Advertisements in any forms such as avatars, signatures, pictures, user tittle, redirect links, etc which are directly or indirectly promote the name of any particular groups, teams or associations are strongly prohibited within this forum. Any matters, problems or issues pertaining to the group should be discussed in their own respective social group section and should not affect the forum in any manner or in any way whatsoever. Chapters are the only groups that are recognized by this forum. Also, SELLING SOMETHING outside of the Sales Section is considered a spam advertisement. Infraction Point(s): 5 12. THREADS IN THE TECHNICAL SECTION MUST HAVE PROCEDURE. This forum encourage members to complete the procedure when posting in the Technical Section. Do not post simply to add post counts but be responsible enough that members who can read your thread can get something beneficial to them. Infraction Point(s): No infraction but thread will be deleted outright. br:aerblock

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